How to develop a Forex Trading Strategy

Yagub Rahimov | May 03, 2018
How to develop a Forex Trading Strategy

The biggest and the most important strategy in Forex Market is to develop a trading strategy fitting your psychology and personality. Designing and developing your unique Forex trading strategy according to your personality needs can make the key difference between failure and success. A well-thought Forex trading strategy combined with emotional stability can turn a loser trader into a profitable Forex trader.

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As Yagub Rahimov explains in his Forex NOT For Dummies trader's journey book, every trader soon or later needs to find or develop a strategy that fits his needs the best. However, though it is likely that if you are a new trader you should make sure to investigate based on Systematic Trading Systems. These Forex Trading Strategies are based on a number of rules which you can pretty much call terms and conditions of trade positioning.

Why systematic forex trading strategies are often recommended for new traders is mostly due to its psychological impact. It is often rather difficult to resist the temptation of over-trading, going wild and long story short deviating from your systematic trading system terms and conditions. Of course many "smart" sales people will tell these people to use an EA builder and voila you are a winning trader, let us bring you back to the world, 99.9% of the EAs - expert advisers - automated trading strategies fail! Unless you have a team of expert coding professionals to maintain and update your automated trading strategy on consistent basis.

Discretionary Forex Trading Systems are the other type of trading style/strategy/systems mostly utilized by professional or at least advanced type of traders.

Discretion based Forex trading strategies often appear to be difficult and confusing for traders with less than 3 years of intensive trade experience. This is due to the fact there are no clear rules, in strategies based on trader discretion. Such strategies can give entry signals based on the traders very own discretion.

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