How to combine moving averages in live trading?

TargetSignal | May 03, 2018
How to combine moving averages in live trading?
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OK, this is an interesting subject since almost every single trader either use or has used some kind of Moving averages in his trading activities. But the question is: "How to combine moving averages in live trading?"

During this Live Free Forex Training Session our very own professional industry experts Adamos Anastasiou and Yagub Rahimov will look into the theoretical part of use of these instruments and then apply the newly acquired knowledge into analysis of the market for the coming week.

No, it will not be like a common boring session where you get to know. Moving Averages are technical analysis tools referring to an analysis of price action, illustrated as a line joining the price data points of a instrument over a specific time-frame.

First Question: What is a Moving Average?

During the very first 2 minutes we will look into the applied definition of Moving averages and look into defining the most common ways to utilize this great technical tool.

Moving Averages & Trend following?

The most commonly used quote in the Forex market is "The Trend is your Friend!" hence we will look into ways how to use moving averages as a trend following tool, essentially making it become as a part of our price action strategy.

How to combine moving averages in live trading?

In the latter part of the training we will be selecting 3 currency pairs and 2 commodities which we beleive are likely to move according to our moving average analysis. As usual, Adamos Anastasiou will be covering the Forex part of the analysis and Yagub Rahimov will be looking into commodities.

In addition to the technical analysis based on Moving averages during the live market analysis our speakers will also utilize fundamental analysis techniques as well as other technical tools such as our true Fibonacci Waves technical tool.

50 attendees only

How to combine moving averages in live trading session is free of charge however places are available for only 50 attendees only. Join Adamos Anastasiou and Yagub Rahimov sharing their secrets on Moving Averages.

P.S. If you would like us to cover your preferred tradable instrument please comment below in the comments section or during the registration process.

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