Hamburg UNCHAIN Blockchain Convention

Dan Suciu | May 03, 2018
Hamburg UNCHAIN Blockchain Convention
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Date 31/05/2018
Venue Theatre Kehrwieder
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The 2018 Hamburg UNCHAIN Blockchain Convention, is a 2-day event in Hamburg that will gather world's leading cryptocurrency and Blockchain experts and entrepreneurs. What makes the UNCHAIN unique is the conference's goal to connect the international blockchain community with leading German firms from all segments.

Hamburg UNCHAIN Conference Outlook

During the 2018 Hamburg UNCHAIN Blockchain Convention, participants will be able to witness and participate in the discussions on numerous topics, including: - Technology and development - Business opportunities - Real-world examples and showcases - Cryptocurrencies and investment - Impacts on legislation, politics, and society The organizators of UNCHAIN strongly believe that Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are set to impact every single aspect of the economy in an unpredictable way. Therefore, it is vital to meet the New Economy in advance - the sooner the better.

Program - Hamburg UNCHAIN Blockchain Convention

UNCHAIN will not be like any usual conference. The organization team behind the conference has prepared some inspiring settings for the participants to get familiar with each other well. Thanks to the liveliness of Hamburg, participants will also enjoy different kinds of events all throughout the conference - performances, parties, excursions, and surprises. There will be more than 300 attendees, who are mostly represented by Blockchain experts, investors, C-level executives, and tech developers. Attendees will have the unique chance to listen to more than 20 professionals, as various founders and CEOs of leading global Blockchain startups from 10+ countries will share their experiences. In addition, there will be a special exhibition and networking space, accompanied by a series of social events. Below you can see the schedule of the speeches: Hamburg UNCHAIN Conference Outlook

UNCHAIN Conference Venue

UNCHAIN conference will take place at the extraordinary value at the heart of Hamburg's warehouse district. The theatre has a capacity of up to 350 seats, where visitors can enjoy the historic atmosphere as well as the modern lounge.

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