Forex Market after Brexit

TargetSignal | May 03, 2018
Forex Market after Brexit

The Britain has voted to leave the EU with their Brexit decision. Indeed the Britain's EU Referendum result was the most impactful planned market event in the modern financial markets history which has shifted the Political, Economical and Civil history permanently. But, how should traders look into Forex market after Brexit?

To trade Forex Market after Brexit traders need to look into the big picture. Since this is the first time ever in the European Union history that a member state is attempting to leave the union, which makes the article 50 applicable. Thus, the structure of the Forex market after Brexit results is still rather blurry, since there is no one example to look into. Yet, this does not mean trade opportunities are limited!

In this session, two professional Traders; Adamos Anastasiou and Yagub Rahimov will be looking into the market from fundamental and technical perspective. As we cover every week, we will be looking into the week ahead to define trade opportunities.

Especially after last week's amazing pre-Brexit market environment session, many traders now look into our order flow book where we outlined the relevance of 3 legs of GBP traders and importance of CHF, JPY and Gold trading.

Join us on Wednesday for the special Forex Market after Brexit live analysis session to learn more.

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