Effective swing trading course

Edmundas Povilavicius | May 03, 2018
Effective swing trading course

Often traders lose not because of choppy market environment nor due to lack of knowledge! Often traders lose because they miss the bigger picture. Therefore, in this effective swing trading course Edmund Heinz and Yagub Rahimov will teach you the secrets you need to know to profitably trade Forex on higher time-frame and apply that knowledge to hourly and lower time-frames.

Effective Forex swing trading course

In this swing trading course we will look into market from different perspective to add the relevant value and maximize our results. Well look into:

  • What does Fridays market closing indicate;
  • How to read the market;
  • Define the trend and identify trade opportunities;
  • Look into weekly technical analysis;
  • Find key Forex support and resistance levels.

It is said that failing to prepare is the same as preparing to fail. Hence the concept for us – traders is straight forward. Firstly we will start with the weekly chart. Only then will we move to lower time frames such as daily and hourly.

The goal of taking top to bottom analysis approach is to identify the big picture and determine if there is any reversal possibility in the market. Meanwhile, we look into certain levels on hourly and daily time-frames to identify Forex trading opportunities even from news.

By the end of our effective swing trading course you will have a better understanding of how to trade the larger timeframe, identify the trend, and see the bigger picture. All of whic should help you to find more profitably swing and intraday trade opportunities.

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