DELTA Summit 2019

Quyen Nong | Aug 26, 2019
DELTA Summit 2019
Event details
Date 02/10/2019
Speaker Dr. Joseph Muscat
Speaker Hon. Silvio Schembri
Speaker Dr. Miriam Dalli
Speaker Tim Byun
Speaker Changpeng Zhao
Speaker Yagub Rahimov
Venue MFCC - Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre, Attard, Malta
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The Focal Point of DELTA Summit 2019 

The aim of DELTA was always to expose the innovative legislation and opportunities not only to the locals currently residing in Malta are benefitting from, but also to the entire global community.

This conference has served and will serve as a marketing platform for Malta as the innovator and ideal hub for companies seeking to establish themselves in the mentioned space, as well as individuals who are intrigued by the technology and its opportunities.

DELTA will also serve to be a platform to promote the technology, the business opportunities related, the legal platform adopted by the government and will serve as a congregation for enthusiasts, doubters, and experts.

The 2019 version of DELTA Summit aims to create an even greater global debate on the subject and to further expose the efforts of the Maltese government in establishing Malta as the pioneering blockchain nation.

Speakers at the 2019 DELTA Summit

The upcoming DELTA Summit 2019 is expected to host the following 53 speakers;

Prime Minister of Malta: Dr. Joseph Muscat

Parliamentary Secretary @ Government of Malta: Hon. Silvio Schembri

Member of the European Parliament, Vice-President of the S&D Group: Dr. Miriam Dalli, MEP

CEO @ OKCoin: Tim Byun

Founder & CEO @ Binance: Changpeng Zhao

7Marketz Inc. group co-founder and CEO Yagub Rahimov

About DELTA Summit Event

Malta is leading the charge in the implementation of regulation for blockchain and cryptocurrency. This presented the opportunity to host the first official conference launching Malta as a regulated virtual currency and ICO centre. 

With the launch of the public consultation for AI strategy, Malta is continuing to position itself as a cutting- edge hub for emerging technology companies seeking to establish themselves in this space, as well as providing a place for individuals to develop and innovate.

As Malta’s official platform, DELTA Summit will be bringing together not only blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, but also cognitive technologies such as AI and IOT, whilst also providing a platform for the growing ESports market. Its aim is to provide a venue to allow companies- large and small- from all over the world to promote technology at the highest level.

DELTA Summit 2019 serves to bring together companies and individuals under one roof to congregate and exchange ideas, as well as to promote discussion and to further highlight the Government of Malta’s efforts to establish Malta as a pioneer in the disruptive technology sector.

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