Daily live Forex analysis

TargetSignal | May 03, 2018
Daily live Forex analysis

One of the biggest challenges traders always have is defining the trend director, thus failing to see the big picture.

With daily live Forex analysis webinars traders will be given an opportunity to overcome this missing link, hence avoid one of the almost certain failure reasons.

Various professional traders and trainers from different backgrounds will be hosting these webinars, enabling you to learn different strategies in each session.

Strategies covered during live Forex market analysis webinars will include the following:

  • Drawing of the true Fibonacci levels
  • Daily technical outlook on major pairs
  • Fundamental overview of the week
  • Establishing pending orders for the remaining part of the European session
  • And a lot more!

You could imagine these sessions your bread and butter, empowering you with the habit that make professional traders professional.

For each session we will cover minimum of 5 tradable instruments. As a part of the daily preparation we will look for the previous day cover up the previous day's fundamental developments, create ourselves a benchmark for the current day with the levels to watch.

Since we follow True Fibonacci Waves for every instrument we trade it is essential that we take a top to bottom approach, hence we will start the technical outlook from weekly time frame and then gradually come down to Daily and 1 hour time frames.

For each session we provide we will give the support and resistance levels and for the pairs with high probability of brake out, we will look for entry levels which will cover Entry, Stop loss, three Take profit levels.

We are convinced that these daily live Forex analysis webinars are way to get you, new traders off your feet. You can also see the previous webinars in webinars tag on newsline.

If you make it a habit to join all live Forex market analysis webinars consistently you will make a habit of developing your pro-analysis routine and take a significant step towards your Successful Trader path. Initially live Forex market analysis webinars will start on the 9th of February and will run until the 23rd of February, everyday.  You will only be required to register once and it will be enough to follow up with the rest of live Forex analysis sessions.

Note: Daily Live Forex analysis sessions are sponsored by different broker partners on weekly basis.

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