Crypto Trading: Technical Analysis

Quyen Nong | Aug 30, 2018
Crypto Trading: Technical Analysis

When it comes to analyzing and trading Cryptocurrency using technicals, it is quite similar to trading Forex. Yet, there are differences and you cant copy this practice one-on-one. 

Hence, as a trader you should attend this free webinar and learn how to use the technicals to trade the cryptocurrency pairs. 

Crypto Technical Analysis Basics

During the Cryptocurrency trading webinar, you learn how the utilize the technicals to trade or invest in Crypto: 

- Basics of Crypto technical analysis 

- Trend lines 

- Resistance and support levels 

- Moving averages 

- Indicators and oscillators 

- Trading Volume 

- Candlestick analysis 

There are only limited seats to Yury Safronaus webinar about cryptocurrency technicals. Dont miss the opportunity to learn from an experienced trader in the crypto sphere. 

About Yury Safronau

Yury Safronau is AtoZMarkets.coms Chief Currency Strategist and the mastermind behind the daily free Forex signals on He has a PhD degree in Finance and is an independent equity manager. Yury co-founded Target Signals and won a great number of 1 ranking in his region. He has extensive experience in trading Forex, Crypto and CFDs market.  

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