BFC 2018 APAC Blockchain for Finance Conference

Quyen Nong | May 03, 2018
BFC 2018 APAC Blockchain for Finance Conference
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Date 20/06/2018
Venue Hilton Hotel
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Do you want to stay up to date with the latest development in Blockchain and ICOs? Then you should join the BFC 2018 APAC Blockchain for Finance Conference in Singapore this summer.

This year's programme is designed for financial institutions, delivered by financial institutions.  A minimum of 40% of attendees will represent an FI and typically have a leadership role within a business unit or are a subject matter expert on blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Meanwhile, The remaining delegates represent global tech companies, innovative FinTech players or government and trade bodies.

Who attends the BFC 2018 APAC?


Day 1: Blockchain developments and applications

The first day of the BFC 2018 APAC Blockchain for Finance Conference focusses on Blockchain application in the financial service market. The conference will be divided into three sections, which are outlined below:

Section 1: Latest Blockchain Developments within Financial Services.

- The Digital Journey: Learn how a number of financial institutions plan to utilize the Blockchain technology into their strategy. - Blockchain Regulation: Gain an understanding of the Blockchain regulatory landscape, but also how the various market segments respond to the change.

Section 2: Review of Blockchain Usage and Cases. 

Discuss the most recent usage of Blockchain in the different fields: - Payments - Insurance - Syndicated Loans - Trade Finance - Capital Markets - KYC and Identity

Section 3: Blockchain in Production

- Business & Blockchain case: How to leverage the commercial opportunity of blockchain whilst assessing whether the prize is worth the initial investment? - 3rd Pary Experiences: Learn how experts within other sectors are planning to utilize blockchain; healthcare, telco’s and chip manufacturing.

Day 2: Blockchain Tech and ICO pitches

On the second day of the BFC 2018 APAC Blockchain for Finance Conference, the focus will be on the technology behind the blockchain and the challenges of ICOs. Section 4: Blockchain Tech Questions - Interoperability: Learn the importance of ensuring interoperability between blockchain solutions and legacy technologies, in order to ensure a seamless adoption. - Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Gain an understanding how firms are working to ensure transparency through blockchain solutions and how this can impact the financial services market. - Scalability: Discuss with experts how blockchain improves the efficiencies of the current systems, whilst it looking into the scalability issue. - Other Tech than Blockchain: Is blockchain right for you? Take a look at some of the other technologies that could help solve your challenges. Section 5: Decrypting ICO’s and Pitches - The World of ICOs: Gain a thorough understanding how tokens are issued, traded, governed and how the challenges associated with consumer protection. - ICO Pitches: Hear about the latest ICO’s challenging and disrupting financial services to stay abreast of the most up-to-date industry developments.

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