Annual Market Analysis

TargetSignal | May 03, 2018
Annual Market Analysis

To some traders, market is just crazy!

The reality is some crazy traders take advantage of the crazy market every day!

At we have a few crazy traders as well who believe that the Financial Markets are alive and traders can follow the movements, thus predict what is next. One of these crazy traders is our very own Group Startegy Director, Yagub Rahimov. He is the one who precisely predicted the GBPUSD market move 3 months before the Brexit vote took place, where they shorted GBPUSD from 1.4750 level to 1.39 and longed the pair back to 1.4900 level to short it back to 1.3500 level just during the Brexit voting day with his unusual Fibonacci strategy which has kept surprising many globally. You can ask your questions about his analysis in the Annual Market Analysis Live Trading Room

Yagub is a kind of a trader known for his unusual, calm, yet very profitable trading style. He loves following the trend but also jumping in the market with reversal points aiming to buy low and sell high with his Fibonacci Retracement zones. Join Yagub Rahimov in his Annual Market Analysis Live trade room.

What to expect:

History repeats itself, thus the training webinar will look for the 2016 trading year market movements and cover the important dates and events for 2017.

Additionally you will not only get the chance to see Yagub's live analysis, but also ask your questions. This a great opportunity to stay ahead of the market!

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