Advanced Trading Strategies

Przemek | May 09, 2018
Advanced Trading Strategies

In this webinar:

Senior trader and FX researcher, Oto, looks at Price Action vs. Mean Reversion, the two types of currency trading strategies. Find out how they they can be combined successfully and other advanced tools and chart formations:

  • Understand why Bollinger Brands are one of the most powerful trading tools
  • Discover chart formations such as Channel Surfer, Waterfall, Breakout and Hummingbird
  • See how Price Action and Mean Reversion strategies can be combined

Blue Sky Forex

HotForex, in cooperation with Oto of Blue Sky Forex, is pleased to offer clients a number of free forex webinars. Blue Sky Forex forms part of the Blue Sky education and trading community, a group that is made up of a team of senior traders with members from around the world. In addition to providing forex webinars, the group is also involved in the research and development of advanced trading techniques and technologies.

  • Leading forex education group
  • Interactive forex webinars by experienced traders
  • Forex webinars with real case-study analysis

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