5 Professional Price Action tools - Free Training 2nd part

TargetSignal | May 03, 2018
5 Professional Price Action tools - Free Training 2nd part

We have already covered what is price action and in the previous session shared 5 tips about price action. In our previous Free Online Forex Training webinars you also learnt about the simple Price Action trading techniques Adrian uses to trade Forex, Comex and CFDs. And yes, we know they work if you follow the right trade psychology and stick to your trading journal! They Yagub came with his 5 Price Action Tips session, we are not done yet though!

So, now we've got your attention, folks, this is what this training is all about:

During the second part of the 5 Professional Price Action tools online free Forex Training, we will be looking into 5 major tools professional traders use to trade Forex which maximize their win ratio as well as minimizing their risk, thus helping their Risk Reward Ratio as well.

So, what are those Professional Price Action Tools?

  • Minimizing Risk with Trend lines and Moving Averages
  • Using Ranging Market to avoid trading
  • Using intraday or weekly narrow ranges to catch breakout entries
  • Using False Breakouts to optimize positions
  • Using trending markets to double up and look for continuations

Trading is a business! Just like in any business operations, traders also need to have a competitive edge over their competitors. Your competitors are not just other retail Forex traders but a number of Institutional Forex Industry participants. These institutionals vary from hedge funds, to banks, to brokers, to even gold exchanges at your neighborhood.

Thus, these Professional Price Action tools can give you an extra edge over your competitors. But, you have to learn them and practice them!

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