2018 London BAIConf

Samson | May 03, 2018
2018 London BAIConf
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Date 18/06/2018
Venue 8 Northumberland
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The 2018 London BAIConf is the first global blockchain investment conference that is made exclusive to institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, family offices, high net worth net worth individuals, accredited individuals and private banks.

Why join the 2018 London BAIConf?

The BAIConf will take place first at 8 Northumberland in London, which is one of the best and most central venues. The conference is planned between the 18th until the 19th of June. Some of the features that you can expect during the blockchain investment conference are: - Meet the leading fund managers in cryptocurrencies - Meet the CEOs of successful ICOs from this year and last year - Institutions and private investors that are responsible over $750 billion of assets under management

Program of the 2018 London BAIConf

On the first of the 2018 London BAIConf, you can expect the following speeches and panel discussions of the 28 speakers. These high profile individuals range from the UK Parliament MP to the CTO of Ripple. Below you will find the selected topics on Day 1:

- The $1 Trillion Opportunity: Overcoming Barriers to Institutional Adoption of CryptoAssets - Valuation of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Projects: The War Between Theory and Practice for Institutional Investors - Custody, Security and Fraud Protection in Institutional Crypto Asset Investments: Leading Edge Practices and Expensive Lessons Learned - Hedge Fund and Family Office Investor Insights: Where Are Players Really Investing in the Crypto Space? - The Regulatory Crackdown on Crypto Assets and ICOs: What Every Institutional Investor Needs to Know - Beyond Speculation: Investment Opportunities in Real World Applications of Blockchain - Exclusive Panel Discussions on Institutional Investing in Cryptofunds, ICOs, Crypto Angel/VC, Asset Tokenisation, and Direct Placements On day 2 of the 2018 London BAIConf, the focus will be on the exhibition, where you can meet numerous of leading Blockchain firms and also attend the speeches of the other industry leaders.

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