Leading U.S. bank JP Morgan has predicted that Bitcoin would have to rise by 4.6 times to create a theoretical price of $146,000.
The volume of confiscated bitcoins under the control of the US government has exceeded the $2.2 billion mark.
Ethereum price rally has finally breached the psychological four-figure barrier during early trading in Asia this Monday morning.
XRP investors have sued the US SEC for harming investors’ interests by declaring XRP a security seven years after its initial distribution.
Ethereum has become volatile and corrective after rejecting $750 to $740 key resistance level. Ethereum facing resistance around $750 area.
Bitcoin has become impulsive and surged upward with a bullish gap at the beginning of this week. Bitcoin reached an all-time high.
The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez has said that he’s open to exploring the idea of investing 1% of the city’s treasury reserve into Bitcoin.
The Southern District Court of New York has set a date for the first court hearing between the US SEC and Ripple.
Bitcoin (BTC) price is inching closer to $30,000 after a fresh rebound took it above its $28,500 all time high (ATH).
Bohdan takes us through the state of the cryptocurrency market, his view of emerging sub-sectors in Ethereum, the crackdown of privacy coins, and the state of DeFi.
New projects continue to emerge all the time, bringing new possibilities as the DeFi sector matures, such as LID Protocol, which provides locked liquidity.
By classifying bitcoin as an “intangible asset” class, India’s intelligence agency has proposed an 18% tax on all Bitcoin transactions.
Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Cover has been hacked. As a result of the exploit, the price of the cover token plunged. 
Rootkit Finance is a "rugproof" project founded at the beginning of November in 2020. Can bridge the gap between Legacy & DeFi 2.0?
After Bitcoin price broke above $25,000 on Dec 25, BTC continued to rise and took a new record mark above $28,000. Who organized the rally?
2021 could be a good year for Ethereum as experts are confident that institutional investors will start buying up ETH tokens en masse.
Israelis who own cryptocurrencies have received notification from the Israel Tax Authority, requiring them to fully disclose their asset.
XRP price rose 52%, after which it rebounded 40% above the previous day's value due to liquidation of margin positions in the futures market.
The cryptocurrency market kicked off Christmas with a bullish rally, with Bitcoin hitting its all-time high close to $25,000.
The White House may impose restrictions on the use of stablecoins under the pretext of combating money laundering and financial terrorism.