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Singapore Bank OCBC Joins JPMorgan Blockchain Network

Samson Ononeme | Sep. 20, 2019
Ripple broke upside on Tuesday to hit above 29 cents. Is XRP finally awake? The following Ripple price prediction is based on the Elliott wave theory.
Participating in yet another strategic round, crypto exchange Binance has made an investment in Chinese media firm Mars Finance.
Tether announces to burn 400 million tokens
Amandeep Sonewane | Sep. 17, 2019
Tether plans to shortly move 400 million Tether USDT as part of its Omni authorized but not issue pool to the issuance address in order to burn them.
A board member of European Central Bank (ECB) has argued that stablecoins like Facebook's long-awaited Libra coin pose risks to public policy priorities.
The co-creator of the Facebook Libra project has debunked the popular narrative that it will pose a threat to central banks.
Ripple fell back to 26 cents after a slight bullish push could not be sustained. The following XRP technical analysis is based on the Elliott wave theory
Crypto exchange OKEx will delist five privacy coins as of the 10th of October. The decision has been taken as these coins “violate” the FATF’s “travel rule
Philippine police have reportedly raided an alleged cryptocurrency scam firm that has victimized more than 1,000 Chinese nationals.
Deutsche Bank joins JP Morgan Blockchain network
Amandeep Sonewane | Sep. 16, 2019
Deutsche Bank has joined JP Morgan Chase-led Interbank Information Network blockchain project to provide better service to its customers.
The Fed Reserve is in the spotlight in the upcoming week, but the BOJ will also compete for attention. Here are the Forex and crypto events for this week.
Bitcoin price volatility has slowed down in the last 48 hours. The following Bitcoin price prediction is based on the Elliott wave theory.
Euro Zone plans to launch public cryptocurrency
Samson Ononeme | Sep. 13, 2019
Facebook's plan to roll out Libra around the world has triggered the eurozone to consider launching its own public cryptocurrency that could challenge it.