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Singapore Bank OCBC Joins JPMorgan Blockchain Network

Samson Ononeme | Sep. 20, 2019
Indian government panel seeks to shut down cryptocurrency exchanges as bitcoin value reaches high again. Will India shut down bitcoin exchanges?
SEC said Hilton, Mayweather and rappers among stars are backing ICOs. The latest SEC statement expressed US Regulator SEC warning Celebrities ICO Promotion.
Could Ethereum rally make a 100% rally to $600-$700 before the year ends?.This analysis is based on 2 November Ethereum Elliott wave forecast.
Bitcoin price broke above $7000, targets
Yagub Rahimov | Nov. 2, 2017
Award winning trader shares his Bitcoin Price Forecast and gives hints on how to invest in Cryptocurrencies with controlled risk. Ultimate investment guide
Bitcoin scams in Australia are on the rise.The data shows 126% jump in the number of reports related to Australia bitcoin scams in a week of October.
One of the latest supervisors to look into the crypto regulation - New Zealand FMA. Are Cryptocurrencies Securities? New Zealand FMA says Yes!
Pros and Cons of Smart Contracts
Juhi Banu | Nov. 2, 2017
Smart contracts allow performing credible transactions without third parties. Today, we discuss the Pros and Cons of Smart Contracts.
November 2017 Ethereum Elliott wave forecast
Sanmi Adeagbo | Nov. 1, 2017
When will the next Etherum bubble be?. The following is an analysis based on November 2017 Etherum Elliott wave forecast.
Following the footsteps of China ban on ICOs, Vietnam is now against the use of cryptocurrency. Thus, State Bank of Vietnam bans cryptocurrency
Singapore is not rushing to regulate cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Let's review MAS CEO comments on Singapore cryptocurrency regulation.
Catalonia aims to emulate Estonia's e-residency program. As seeking to cement future, Catalonia launches own cryptocurrency and e-residency?
Japan regulator FSA issues ICO risks warning
TargetSignal | Oct. 28, 2017
The Japan regulator FSA issues ICO risks warning. What are the regulator's tips for investors or firms that are interested in ICO?