Ethereum made a sudden spike today. Is the bullish trend re-established? The following analysis is based on 9 November Ethereum Elliott wave analysis.
Central banks around the world are finding ways to regulate virtual currencies. Including the BNM, as Malaysia introduces cryptocurrency regulation in 2018.
Why is Bitcoin price rising?
Why is Bitcoin price rising?
May 03, 2018
Why is Bitcoin price rising? Reasons, explanations, and facts about bitcoin price surge in 2017. How do ICOs surge Bitcoin prices?
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The rise of ICO is a worrying theme for the AMF. The French regulator AMF ICO regulation dilemma got highlighted by its president. What will happen next?
The Japan regulator FSA issues ICO risks warning. What are the regulator's tips for investors or firms that are interested in ICO?
The UK regulator urged caution to investors by highlighting the dangers of investing in cryptocurrency CFDs. FCA UK Cryptocurrency CFD risks warning issued.
Bitcoin’s speedy rise to & decrease from $11,000 left the cryptocurrency market in confusion. Learn more from the 30 November Bitcoin Fundamental Analysis.
Belize regulator IFSC One Life Network Limited Warning cautions investors against dealing with this entity. IFSC states that the firm lacks trading license.
Austrian Financial Market Authority issued Austrian FMA OneCoin Cryptocurrency warning. The firm has no authority to operate in Austria. Is OneCoin safe?
Bitcoin drops further, with two more China Bitcoin exchanges to stop trading. The move comes after China planned to halt local Bitcoin exchanges.