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Monash University COVID19 Breakthrough drug could stop the pandemic. The saviour could be 1980s drug used to Treat Head Lice.
The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) entirely suspended the Cypriot investment firm (CIF) license of UGL Exchange Ltd.
The Spanish tax authorities have started sending warning notices to 66,000 crypto holders to remind them of their tax obligations.
The Philippines SEC issued a warning against the Bitcoin revolution, stressing that it is not allowed to do business in the country.
Binance has officially announced its acquisition of CoinMarketCap, the popular aggregator for exchange volume and cryptocurrency pricing data.
FINMA has published the main conclusions of its 2019 annual report. In it, the regulator revealed a violation of the AML law in more than ten ICOs.
UK FCA is offering a series of temporary financial relief to support clients affected by the coronavirus. FCA is asking all stakeholders to respond.
US President Donald Trump and the Senate have agreed to a massive $2 trillion stimulus package to fight coronaviruses outbreak.
Bitcoin (BTC) held by BitMEX has dropped 22.5% in recent weeks. BitMEX mass crypto liquidations occurred around mid-March. What caused these liquidations?
Germany is in the grip of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) which has become a global pandemic. How has the disease impacted Germany’s economy?
Russia’s major crypto law adoption will be postponed again. The bill delays due to the alarming situation caused by the Coronavirus in Russia.
XDEX announced the closure of its activities. The company spoke of the difficulties it encounters in undertaking on an unregulated market.
Australia appears to be getting on top of coronavirus with strict social distancing measures. But what is the economic impact of the virus on the country?
Binance is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire CoinMarketCap. The crypto exchange is seeking to pay up to $ 400 million for the deal.
The Bank of France is launching experiment program to test the CBDC for interbank payments, by inviting participants to submit their applications.
AtoZ Markets annual awards concluded this year. Grand Capital is being voted Top 3 at AtoZ Markets 2020 Awards in the “Most Active Broker in Asia”.
A group of Dutch companies launched the "Tech against Corona" project so that they can be used to fight the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).
In 2020, the major Spain-based bank Santander is planning to launch the One Pay FX program, its Ripple powered system for international payments, in Mexico.
Indonesia would allow authorities to impose a lockdown to control the coronavirus, as a strategy change after previously resisting severe restrictions.
When will China launch its Blockchain Service Network? Interestingly enough, the COVID-19 outbreak doesn’t seem to be interrupting the BSN launch.