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Gold has become non-volatile and impulsive after bouncing from $1700 area. Gold may break above the psychological level $1750 area.
The dollar started the week slightly higher in Europe, albeit in modest volumes depressed by public holidays in the UK and US, against a backdrop of simmering tension between the US and China. What else can traders expect? Today’s forex market outlook reveals. 
What can traders expect from the crypto and Forex market this week? NordFX expert has provided this May 25-29, 2020 forex and cryptocurrency forecast to guide you through the week.
Bitcoin has recently become volatile and corrective but still holding the bullish bias. Bitcoin found support at $9000 level. Will Bitcoin recover higher?
Gold has recently become quite volatile and broke below $1750 after giving a bullish fake-out. XAUUSD failed to break above $1750 as of COVID-19 concerns
Gold has become quite non-volatile and impulsive after bouncing from $1700 area. Gold broke above $1750 area, can the bullish trend continue further.
Gold broke the bullish pennant and climbed higher quite impulsively yesterday. Gold bulls are very optimism may recover further towards $1800.
EURUSD price fell below the 1.0800 area today during the London session. EURUSD may surge higher as the U.S. jobless claims increase in the millions.
Oil price climbs higher today during the Asian session as U.S. Stocks fall. Oil bulls are active below $27.50 area, can WTI recover higher towards $36.
Bitcoin dropped below $9000 area with a massive bearish gap after rejecting $10,000 resistance level. Can Bitcoin break above psychological level $10,000.