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The new partnerships and new speakers for Crypto Valley Conference 2019  

June 6, 2019, | AtoZ Markets  – The Crypto Valley Association has announced new speakers for this year’s Crypto Valley Conference, taking place from 24-26th June 2019 in Zug, Switzerland, in association with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Following the preliminary release of the speaker list, which includes representatives from IBM, the EU Commission, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Dfinity, the Conference has revealed that speakers from Sovrin, Parity, Brave, Kyber Network, SIX Digital Exchange, Swiss Federal Department of Finance, Polkadot, Stellar, and Binance will also take to the stage.

Few words from the Crypto Valley Conference organizers

Daniel Haudenschild, President of the Crypto Valley Association, said:

“It is with great excitement and anticipation that we are including further industry leaders to our speaker and partner lists for this year’s conference. The high quality of attendees and presenters is a testament to the innovative projects we host and rigorous academic standards we uphold each year — in the academic track this year, only 26% of research papers submitted have been accepted to present.”

In addition to a new speaker list, new partnerships have been revealed with Microsoft, BitcoinSuisse, Luxoft, and ConsenSys, among others.

With an agenda spread out over three days, the conference will bring together leading scholars, researchers, developers, CEO’s, CTO’s, lawyers and government officials to discuss the latest advances within the blockchain and crypto landscape. Over 100 speakers will engage with a wide range of themes, including crypto economics, regulation, and governance, supply chain, IoT & shared data, smart contract security, micropayments, identity management, and consensus protocols.

Dr. Alexander Denzler, of Lucerne School of Applied Sciences and Arts, said:

The Crypto Valley Conference is an exciting showcase of the finest research and scholarship in blockchain and cryptocurrency. 2019 will be no different to last year where we hosted some of the brightest and best who study and work in blockchain in a unique environment, endorsed by the IEEE.

Following the first day of the conference on Monday, a graduation ceremony will take place for the 12 blockchain startups that were selected to join the CVVC 10-week incubation program in April of this year. Tickets to the event are available here.

The Crypto Valley Conference, the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon and the SICTIC Swiss Blockchain Investor Day will figure into the wider set of events during Crypto Valley Week from 21-26 June, along with a special Bitcoin Association Meetup and CVLabs Incubator and Community Party planned, as well as a range of other happenings in the area.

The speaker list for the event has also been supplemented with representatives from the Swiss Federal Department of Finance, Binance, Parity and more

For more information visit

Crypto Valley Association President Daniel Haudenschild is available for interview

Media Contact:

Renagh Mooney

Account Supervisor // Wachsman // +353 87 166 11 54     

Crypto Valley Conference Social Media

Twitter: @CVConf_


About Crypto Valley Association:

Founded in January 2017, the Crypto Valley Association is a not-for-profit association established to support the development and dissemination of cryptographic technologies, blockchain, and other distributed ledger technologies by supporting startups and other companies in Zug, Switzerland and internationally. Crypto Valley’s mission is to shape an open, free, and prosperous economy spanning multiple sectors.

Malta AI & Blockchain Summit welcomes 5500 delegates

It’s been an incredible two days at the second edition of the Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit, and as the crypto winter begins to thaw, we couldn’t have picked a better time to launch our spring event. 

May 28, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – The second edition of the Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit has solidified its position as a world leading event in the sectors of A.I., blockchain, crypto, and other emerging technologies.  Welcoming a staggering 5,500 delegates, 150 exhibitors and 100 start-ups over the two-day event, the show brought together key players from these converging sectors to discuss and shape the future.

AIBC summit draws VIP contributors

Following a recent thaw of the crypto winter, the spring event delivered some unmissable keynotes and panels, prompting debate on the sector’s flourishing business opportunities. VIP speakers included Brock Pierce, Ben Goertzel, Larry Sanger, Patrick Chang, and Noel Sharkey to name but a few, all sharing valuable insights and enriching the audience in the process.  In one notable verbal joust, Roger Ver took on Tone Vays in a BTC vs BTC Cash showdown.

In fact, the conference floor was rarely empty as an elite line-up of speakers kept the audience engaged with a series of panels, keynotes and fireside chats, addressing the questions on everyone’s mind. Keynotes from industry giants Noel Sharkey and Bobby Lee were a hit with the audience, with Bobby Lee emphatic on Bitcoin’s staying power, saying he believed it would eventually go up to a million dollars.

The Hon. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, also lent an air of prestige to proceedings, when he reinforced the government’s support for the industry as he gave a well-received keynote.

Eman Pulis, Founder of Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit and CEO of SiGMA Group, commented,

The results have been overwhelming. We’re staying a step ahead, helping the government bring all these great minds to Malta, fueling the Maltese economy by supporting the tech ecosystem. There’s plenty of incentives for A.I. and Blockchain companies to relocate to Malta, so what better forum than a summit like this to bring everyone together. I think it’s safe to assume it’s the largest show in its category worldwide so far this year.

Highlights from the 2019 Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit

For further info, quotes, show highlights, and image/video assets, see below…

Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit 2019 (23-24 May, Hilton Conference Centre, St. Julian’s – Malta)

A.I. Startup Pitch

Following a gripping pitch,, the world’s first People-Powered Investment platform, took the crown for A.I. Startup Pitch, winning valuable support services from collaborating brands.

A.I. & Blockchain Awards (content here)

Under a magnificent star-lit ceiling, guests tucked into a gourmet meal as host Rick Goddard, CCO at SiGMA, led the first round of awards. The winners were:

Social Impact Group 2019 – Solarcoin;

IoT of the year 2019 – Navigato;

Blockchain & A.I. for Art Award 2019 –;

Adoption Ambassador of the year 2019 – Europechain.

Blockchain and A.I. Influencer of the year 2019 –;

Media of the year 2019 – Crypto Briefing;

Marketing Campaign of the year 2019 – G8C – GanaEight Coin

Disrupter of the year 2019 – Holochain.

The A.I. & Blockchain Awards also raised a whopping €18,800 for several worthy charities when they were auctioned off at the end of the evening, with bidders including Brock Pierce, Andy Jones, HE. Khurram Shroff, Evan Luthra, and Don Jayamaha.

The donated artworks raised a significant amount of money for the SiGMA Foundation, a newly created charitable organization under the patronage of the SiGMA Group.

Blockchain Battle

15 Blockchain companies battled for €100,000 in the Blockchain Battle with winning the competition.

Here are some of the best moments from the conferences:

Bobby Lee – CEO, BTCC

“I truly believe Bitcoin is here to stay, so hold on to your Bitcoin because you’re going to be very tempted to sell when it goes up to a million dollars.”

Roger Ver – Angel Investor

“Overall income per capita is significantly higher in countries with economic freedom – literary rates soar, life expectancy is higher, fewer people unemployed and fewer babies die in childbirth. Bitcoin cash and digital currency are the best tools the world has ever seen to accomplish these goals.”

Larry Sanger – Co-founder, Wikipedia

“One of the main reasons blockchain has been exploding in popularity is it gives us the opportunity to take back control over data and our relationships. We should own our own data.”

Ben Goertzel – CEO, SingularityNet

“In the next 20 to 40 years it’s pretty clear that all human jobs will go away and products, goods, and services will be done by Al and robots. On the path, their things may become complicated, but this is partly where blockchain and smart contracts can help, to create new systems for economic exchange and value for labour exchange amongst people.”

Tone Vays – Bitcoin/Blockchain Researcher

“The fact that I haven’t used the lightning network yet shows you it’s not absolutely necessary. If BTC Cash had as many transactions as BTC has right now their fees would actually be higher!”

Silvio Schembri, Junior Minister for Financial Services Digital Economy and Innovation

“A diverse pool of talent is crucial to propelling our country to the forefront of innovation and tech – Malta has proved time and time again that size doesn’t matter.”

Hon. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta

“We must look to make sure other countries embrace this technology.”

The next Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit takes place on November 7th-8th, 2019.

UNCHAIN Convention 2019 will set up get-together with state of the art crypto voices

June 14-15, Berlin: Pioneers and visionaries are welcomed to join UNCHAIN Convention 2019 for networking, business initiation and controversial discussions of the most exciting areas of crypto and blockchain technology real-world utilization. The second edition of the last year’s top-10 blockchain events will once again bring together early adopters in crypto and decision makers from certain established industries. One of the event’s highlights is a fireside chat format with prominent crypto voices such as an American crypto-entrepreneur Brock Pierce, chairman of Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of EOS Alliance.

Originating from the 32nd US President Franklin Roosevelt radio talks, the fireside chat format implies answers to difficult questions in simple language and a general informal atmosphere. The latter will be provided by moderator Aaron Koenig, known for his books related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and who is also the moderator of UNCHAIN’s famous partner conference in Latin America, called Labitconf.

UNCHAIN’s last year’s fireside chat interview partner Erik Voorhees (co-founder and CEO of ShapeShift) just reviewed the conference with the following words: „UNCHAIN was less hype and more meaningful discussion than many other global conferences. Highly recommended.“

This year, UNCHAIN Convention is moving its location from Hamburg to Berlin, Germany’s hotspot for entrepreneurs and blockchain start-up ventures. Venue Säälchen, a unique landmark developing project by Berlin’s nightclub owners an creatives, is providing an eclectic framework for networking and follow-up nightlife program. It is an urban village made of rough brickwork and scrap wood instead of impersonal office architecture.

What else will go on?

The agenda, of course, is not limited to fireside chats. 30+ speakers, including Wall Street veteran Tone Vays, pioneer blockchain investor Eddy Travia, and also lead developers, CEOs, and co-founders of prominent initiatives will focus on blockchain use cases, new business models, insider strategies and crypto’s regulatory aspects. Crypto payments, privacy and scalability of Bitcoin, different layers of blockchain, applications of smart contracts, investment and fundraising issues and much more will be discussed by them.

It’s worth saying that the most popular Crypto tickets are already sold out, but for those who have found out about the event just now, great options still remain on the official website.

Use the promo code LEV8MPUC to get a 20% discount on Standard and Experience tickets.

On the event’s YouTube channel you can also find what went down on stage last year.

iFX EXPO International 2019: Forex elite gathers in Cyprus

iFX Expo International will be delivering the highest quality expo within our industry that our attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors have come to expect. The annual event brings together the major players in the FX trading industry.

It will cover areas like Affiliate Marketing for FX and Binary Brands, Trading Technology Whats Next, The Evolution of Payments, Forex trends by Google, Brand Awareness vs. Direct Response, The World of Automation, Regulation, and Social Marketing Insights & Trends. The iFX EXPO International Brings the Biggest Names in Retail FinTech to Cyprus

How iFX EXPO International 2019 could take the lead? 

Ultimate Fintech and Finance Magnates have announced that The IFX EXPO International 2019 is returning to Limassol, Cyprus on May 21-23 at the Palais de Sport Spyros Kyprianou. The marquee event draws thousands of attendees from across the entire FX community and features a wide variety of informative panels, workshops, and other discussions.

iFX EXPO International in Cyprus is the second EXPO series event to be hosted by Finance Magnates in 2019 thus far, following its earlier foray into the Asian markets in Hong Kong. The iFX EXPO Asia conference in January was a huge success and called attention to the growing importance of the APAC region in terms of institutional investing.

Keynote speeches by famous forex market experts

May’s iFX Expo in Cyprus will look to touch on the retail fintech industry with the aim of connecting leading technology and liquidity providers with forex, banks, and affiliates, as well as introducing brokers and white label partners.

The event opens with a keynote speech from Demetra Kalogerou, Chairwoman of CySEC. Additionally, the agenda features some of the industry’s top thought leaders, including Maor Lahav, COO of Panda TS, James Alexander, CCO of Invast, and Harpal Sandhu, Founder of Integral Corp.

More than 180 exhibitors and 4000 attendees 

With fintech innovation continuing at such a fast pace, this year’s EXPO floor plan has also undergone a significant expansion. Several new sponsors such as the Ice Bar, Beer Haus, Pizzeria, Le Patisserie, and the Library Lounge will cater for more than 180 exhibitors and 4000 attendees, offering refreshments from coffee to beer to Champagne, canapes, and delicious treats.

Thousands of top FX trading experts, influencers, and strategists from across the world are expected at the event to network and build new business connections. Prospective attendees are invited to visit the iFX Expo’s site to learn more about the event’s agenda over the next few months. With financial markets facing key crossroads over the upcoming months, the event looms as one of the most important trading events in Europe during 2019.

Note: AtoZ Markets team members will also be there at the event, if you want to connect us please write a mail to

2019 Monaco Blockchain Conference

May 10, 2019 | AtoZ Markets – On May 31st this month at the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco a very exciting event is happening.  The Monaco Blockchain Conference.  It has received a phenomenal response from Investors and Projects and also many high net worth individuals looking to simply learn more about Blockchain as a technology but also as an investment opportunity.  

About the Monaco Blockchain Conference

So much so the Investor/Delegate Ratio is 1:1, something unheard of in Blockchain events and big tech events.  This is boutique high value, with total controlled investments in the room well exceeding $100 Billion.   Included in any company presenting and guests attending is the conference, investor lunch on the Horizon Deck, Champagne Networking on the Fairmont Rooftop Nikki Beach and a Cocktail Party at Twiga in the evening with open bar.

With only 3 Presenting/Pitching slots left available if you are looking to raise capital and network at one of the most premium blockchain investor events this year then do not delay and get in touch today at

Bitcoin convention UNCHAIN gathers Blockchain elite in Berlin

Bitcoin convention UNCHAIN, one of the world’s leading blockchain events to be held in Berlin. What can you expect?

May 15, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – 2019’s UNCHAIN Convention will bring together the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs in Berlin on June 14-15. The two-day conference will focus on today’s challenges for the maturing crypto community, investors and founders of blockchain startups.

What to expect of Bitcoin convention UNCHAIN?

The event which has been voted to be one of the top-10 blockchain conferences in the world in 2018, is set to gather valuable knowledge and insights about:

  • current status of cryptocurrencies and future outlooks;
  • blockchain use cases and business models;
  • financial insider viewpoints and strategies;
  • legislative context;
  • science & technology.

2019’s lineup features popular crypto voices, early crypto investors, leading technologists, founders of blockchain enterprises, developers and regulators, 30+ speakers from 20+ countries altogether, which is even more than last year’s lineup included.

Speakers at the Bitcoin convention UNCHAIN event

Brock Pierce (chairman of Bitcoin Foundation), Tone Vays (Wall Street veteran & Bitcoin enthusiast), Eddy Travia (Coinsilium), Alena Vranova (founder of TREZOR), Riccardo Spagni (MONERO), Christian Decker (Blockstream), Adam Ficsor (Wasabi Bitcoin wallet creator) and others will share best practice insights. The future of crypto payments, privacy and scalability of Bitcoin and blockchains, cryptocurrencies evolution, investment and fundraising issues, politics and future scenarios will be discussed by them. Well-considered exhibition space and intimate networking area will be established for business initiation.

“We celebrate Bitcoin and blockchain real-world solutions with an eclectic state of the art event approach. Our main goal is to bring on business innovations between crypto entrepreneurs, investors and traditional economy leaders from all over the globe – by discussing and exploring the full potential of a decentralized economy,” Oskar Giese, UNCHAIN Convention founder says.

Get your PromoCode for UNCHAIN event and more info

Date: June 14-15, 2019

Venue: Berlin

Official website:

Event’s YouTube channel featuring last year’s presentations.

Early bird tickets are already available on the official website. The access is limited to 500 attendees. Use the promo code LEV8MPUC to get a 20% discount on Standard and Experience tickets.

2019 Malta Blockchain Summit: More than 5000 delegates gather in Malta

April 26, 2019. AtoZ Markets – The 2019 Malta Blockchain Summit is getting wrapped up for a stellar show one month from now, on May 22-25. It is expected to bring a whopping 5000 delegates, 700 investors, 300 exhibitors, and 100 startups to convene for a grand show at the Hilton in St Julian’s, Malta.

Leading up to the show, the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit (AIBC) has also organized a roadshow of exclusive C-level dinners under the iconic heading Knights of Blockchain. The Knights of Blockchain dinners are lavish invite-only events with no expense spared in the company of 200 C-level Executives from the industry. From Manila in March to Tel Aviv on April 2nd and Stockholm on April 10th. The AIBC has also expanded with new offices in Manila and Dubai.

“We are moving beyond the hype by discussing not only Blockchain but also AI, Quantum Tech, Big Data, and IoT this year. Wining and dining in the company of fellow industry executives goes a long way. I strongly believe that business is not made between companies, it is made between people. With the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit at the Hilton in less than a month from now we have gathered an impressive crowd of AI and Blockchain industry leaders for momentous connections to take form.” says Eman Pulis, Founder of the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.

Speakers lined-up for 2019 Malta Blockchain Summit

The speaker line-up is comprised of industry titans such as Tim Draper, Roger Ver,and Brock Pierce, along with Ben Parr, Co-Founder of Octane AI and world-famous author of Captivology; Patrick Chang, Director at Samsung NEXT; Tone Vays, renowned Bitcoin/Blockchain Researcher with more than 80,000 YouTube subscribers; Sunil Chhaya, Vice President of NextWorld Capital, Yagub Rahimov, Co-founder and CEO – 7MARKETZ Group

Speakers at the event also include VivekRamaswami, Vice President at Redpoint Ventures; Alex Fayette, Principal at ACME Capital; Ted Lin, Chief Growth Officer at Binance; H.E. Khurram Shroff, Chairman at IBC Group; Rachel Wolfson at Forbes; Alexandra Mikityuk, Co-Founder & Head of Blockchain Technology at The Blockchain Group; Alexander Borodich, Founder of Universa; Eric Van Der Kleij, CEO at Centre for Digital Revolution, and many more.

What to expect of the 2019 Malta Blockchain Summit?

Last year, over 8500 delegates attended the Malta Blockchain Summit. So what can you expect of the 2019 Malta Blockchain Summit? This year, Blockchain and AI luminaries alike have a wide selection of cherries to pick from in the comprehensive agenda prepared by the AIBC, comprising of six conferences and a myriad of specialized workshops. The conferences include the topics AI &Blockchain Regulation; AI Startup Pitch Battle; World Changing Applications of AI & BC; AI, IOT & Big Data; ICO/STO Pitch Battle, as well as a conference dedicated to Blockchain Investments & Digital Money.

To support startups within AI, Blockchain, Quantum Tech, Big Data, and IoT, the AIBC has invited no less than 100 startups to claim a booth on the expo free of charge, giving them access to 700 attending investors.

This spring edition of the summit includes a lavish VIP dinner, networking drinks in the midst of the warm Mediterranean spring, a Startup Pitch and STO Battle, 12 workshops and 6 conferences, and is rounded off with a lavish Proof of Steak pool party on the 25th of May. Although the main conferences are taking place 23-24th of May, delegates are advised to block their calendars for 22nd-25th due to all extra events that the AIBC is hosting.

The organizers have announced that ticket prices for the upcoming show are set to increase to the Last Minute price level on the 30th of April. The Malta AI &Blockchain Summit is a landmark event that nobody in the field can afford to miss.

2019 Crypto Games Conference: Blockchain games industry gathers in Minsk

AtoZMarkets is excited to announce the first batch of speakers for the third edition of 2019 Crypto Games Conference, which will be held in Minsk, Belarus on April 25th and 26th.

April 19, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – The third edition of Crypto Games Conference (CGC) will take place in Minsk, Belarus. CGC unites a huge community of professionals focused on blockchain games, iGaming, and gaming ecosystems and services. More than 100 speakers will do presentations and debate in panel discussions. Who are they and what awaits you on April 25th and 26th in Minsk?

2019 Crypto Games Conference in Belarus

We are excited to introduce some of our stellar speakers to you. John Wang, NGD Eco Growth Manager at Neo Blockchain. At Crypto Games Conference, April 25-26 in Minsk John will talk about gaming services and platforms.

Vladimir Tomko, CEO of We Can Games, a company that brought Blockchain Cuties Universe to the world became not only the speaker and a networker at CGC, but also a big devoted friend of our team. You all know him well, so there is no doubt he will advise only the best projects and events!

Hartej Sawhney – a leader in the Fintech & Blockchain industry for 5+ years. Hartej is Co-Founder at Hosho, protecting investments and providing multiple smart contract services including audit. Advisor to Pink Sky Capital (Digital Hedge Fund),, and, LEXIT, Crowd Machine. His talk will be about the intersection of cybersecurity and blockchain.

Matthew Arnett, Co-Founder & CEO of PO8 and FORT NFT Protocol. Both projects were born with the idea of creating a better world by using cutting-edge technology. They are the first blockchain projects originating out of the Bahamas endorsed by Government of the Commonwealth of Bahamas. And PO8 is revolutionizing the industry with its new game release “Skullys”.

Choi Sung Wone, CEO of Supertree with more than 20 years of experience in the Korean game industry. Professional development and global publishing company based on block-chain based HTML5 content, also an advisor to the Korea Mobile Game Association (KMGA). He received the Business Innovation Award in Korea Game Awards in 2016 and have 19 patents on games and online service technology.

Kokushi Hattori – developer of My Crypto Heroes. Since they released their title, they keep running top among Ethereum game and so far they have 35K unique users and more than 5k DAU and 10K ETH sales.

Join us to see and meet all CGC stars!

About CGC19 and past events

This April is a perfect time for the third edition of Crypto Games Conference (CGC) – the world’s largest and definitive B2B event for blockchain gaming professionals. The international conference covers three cutting-edge gaming themes of today: crypto games, iGaming, and gaming ecosystems, and services.

The first Crypto Games Conference took place in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. It was the first conference in the world dedicated to games and gaming services with the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A one-day event gathered more than 300 developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries discussing how the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are set to change the gaming market.

The second edition of Crypto Games Conference was held in Minsk, the capital city of blockchain-friendly Belarus. The CGC is persistently growing and almost 700 attendees participated in a unique two-day business event that featured:

  • Two tracks of talks and panel discussions by industry leaders;
  • CGC Showcase with 60 startups presenting their latest developments;
  • The Big Pitch – startups vs. investors action;
  • CGC Awards to recognize innovation and creativity;
  • A series of CGC networking events.

Now it’s time for the third Crypto Games Conference. It will once again take place in Minsk, Belarus and this time you will be able to become a part of the two-day event – the largest one in the crypto gaming industry. More than 1000 professionals from over 30 countries, hundreds of games and 100+ stellar speakers. Join the community of decision makers of the best crypto gaming companies from all over the world.

Our team

The Crypto Games Conference (CGC) is coming soon. Meet the biggest blockchain gaming event in the world. This event is made by the team of real professionals, who love and know what they do.

We are glad to introduce one of them to you – Eugene Lavrinenko, developer of over 15 different games. An active participant at games conferences, speaker about game development. Many of the games he has worked on are shortlistees and prizewinners of international games exhibitions and game jams. One of the more recent games, Madness Road, won the Unity Special Award 2016, and the game itself received support from such game platforms as Apple, with publishing on the main pages of the game store in over 120 countries.

Eugene is the Co-founder of Crypto Games Conference, founded in 2018; the organizer of the world’s first and largest crypto gaming conference.

Links and contact info

CGC team is big – if you have any questions we also introduce other members of CGC team:

Mary Yakovleva – Business & Media Manager. Inquiries regarding sponsorship & media partnerships. (

Lora Veremeenko – Partnership Manager. Inquiries regarding sponsorship & all partnerships. (

Masha Avramenko – Speakers Coordinator. Inquiries regarding speakers and travel. (


Singapore hosts Blockchain Life 2019

April 5, 2019, | AtoZ MarketsBlockchain Life 2019 – the 3d edition of the international forum, brings together more than 3000 participants from 70+ countries. Founders of top blockchain and crypto companies, investors, developers, crypto traders, CEOs of projects, entrepreneurs and businessmen are coming at Blockchain Life 2019 on April 23-24 in Singapore.

Full agenda is available at

Speakers of the Blockchain Life 2019 

  • Roger Ver (
  • Sergei Khitrov (
  • Jason Fang (Sora Ventures)
  • Tim Draper (Draper Associates and DFJ)
  • Xinxi Wang (Litecoin)
  • Alex Reinhardt (ELVN)
  • Ke Su (Bitmain)
  • Johnny Lyu (Kucoin)
  • Toni Gu (NGC, NEO)
  • Carylyne Chan (CoinMarketCap)
  • Zhong Zhuang (BTC com)
  • Manmeet Singh (Cardano)
  • Jasmine Ng (NEM)
  • Tony Ling (Bitblock Capital) and others

World speakers and investors share their professional insights and forecasts at keynotes and various panels during a 2-day forum.

Investment funds, crypto industry leaders, crypto exchanges, owners and management of the world crypto industry projects, best crypto traders, blockchain developers, and other famous companies from all over the world gather to discuss the latest trends and ways of earning money in the most innovative blockchain & crypto market.

Blockchain Forum takes place at Marina Bay

The Forum’s venue is the unique resort in the Singapore downtown which has been included in the world best buildings list. This masterpiece named Marina Bay Sands Hotel consists of three 55-story towers with a height of 200 meters with a large gondola terrace on it.

Find out more information and get tickets before the price increase with a special 10% promo code info at